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Our Story


Vicinia continues to grow, now encompassing 8,200+ units and 300+ best-in-class team members to serve our residents and investors.


Vicinia reaches 5,000 units under management, with over 12,000 residents happy to be calling a Vicinia-managed property home.


Due to our highly successful management approach, Vicinia grows quickly, amassing a portfolio of over 30 properties in one year, including approximately 50% in the value add renovation portfolio.


Vicinia founded by a team of highly experienced real estate professionals, led by CEO Kimra Holcomb. Focusing on value-add properties, the first tackles Covid-related challenges and emerges as a regional leader in several key southeast and midwest markets.

At Vicinia, we pride ourselves on being a provider of our residents’ perfect home and lifestyle, not just a nice apartment home. That’s why we use the tagline “Places. People. Love.” Our goal is to provide the right community that fits our resident’s desires and needs – offering the lifestyle, amenities, interior finishes, and budget perfect for every resident.

So just how do we know what our residents want? We have conducted intensive market research into the specific needs and desires of multifamily renters, and segmented the broad market of multifamily renters into four segments, or, what we call “Collections.” We offer a tailored approach to the programming and amenities of each collection, giving our residents a community that perfectly caters to their lifestyle, needs, and budget.

This proprietary approach allows us to deliver the most impactful products, programs, and services to each resident collection, while avoiding unnecessary costs of amenities and programs that don’t add value for our customers. We provide exceptional living experiences to our residents, and exceptional operational performance to our owners and investors by delivering the services, amenities, and upgrades that our residents want, and none that they don’t. We are proud to have successfully delivered many property turnarounds, value-added community repositions, and new development lease ups using our proprietary Collection market segmentation approach.